Want to Make a Commerical?

Want to Make a Commercial? is what our banking partner, Illinois National Bank asked us a couple months ago, and we said yes! The question was, what do we make a :30 second commercial about that highlights the engineering and new product development that we do, and the great service that Illinois National Bank provides?  The teams got together for a quick brainstorming session and determined to develop a “product” that we could Rapid Prototype (3D Print) in house and have an impact in the commercial, but what should it be?  We initially decided on a Piggy Bank branded with the INB Logo, that we would design encompassing our typical 8 Phase New Product Development Process.  As we entered phase 1, we added some features, including goggles and making it fly! That’s right we decided to make a flying pig, to better solve the problem of “when pigs fly”.

Printed Pig

3D Printed Pig

As part of our NPD process, we ran the project with our Scrum Master, utilizing daily meetings to ensure that the Pig would fly at the end of the sprint.  Utilizing idea sessions, mock-ups, and analysis we were able to narrow down the initial concept of making a flying pig.  Our engineering team began by 3D printing a variety of Pig shapes and measuring the lifting capacity of our quadcopter.  Upon finding the right balance of Pig & Plane, we began to refine the designs to ensure that the Flying Pig would capture peoples minds and hearts!  Over the course of 2 weeks, we were able to refine the Flying Pig to be a aeronautical stable platform and got it all painted up for it’s big day.

pig concept

3D Print Flying Pig Concept

The commercial shoot was  a fun day with lots of activity, the video team was there taking the shots needed to show the NPD process on how to make a flying pig. The video shoot ended with the big reveal to the INB team “Customer” and principal, Andy Berberich go through concepts to tell the story of how we arrived at a Flying Pig Quadcopter!


3D Pig Concept Drawings

We are pleased to do business with Illinois National Bank and feel honored that they chose us to help them create a commercial that showcases the banks relationships and our abilities.  You can see the flying pig in action on several Comcast channels as well as on our youtube page!