The 7 Best Marketing Blogs You Can’t Live Without

There are a boat-load of marketing blogs out there today and filtering through the garbage to find worthy information can be a daunting task.  Marketing blogs can provide tons of useful information to help with all aspects of your marketing: content, social media, SEO, email, and on and on and on.  There’s no doubt that all of these things are important marketing hot points, but how do you know when you’re reading tips and strategies that are actually beneficial?  The answer is easy, you follow the blogs on this list! So, take a few minutes to read through the list, follow the links, and get yourself on the path to marketing domination!

This list is no specific ranking or order.  These blogs have multiple aspects proving their validity: number of readers, author qualifications, content relativity, and some of them I just really like! Enjoy!

  1. HubSpot


HubSpot provides all-in-one marketing software loaded with features and a heavy focus on inbound marketing and B2B marketing.  It’s a one-stop shop as far as marketing software goes, and it doesn’t stop there.  Their blog is highly respected and highly read.  I know that I read their blog almost every single day to get tips, tricks, content ideas…you know, all the goods.  The HubSpot Marketing Blog covers all the varieties of marketing topics, so there’s no strategy left behind.  Even though I said these blogs were in no specific order, this is my #1.  Be sure to check out their Sales BlogAgency Blog, and all of their other blog topics too!


  1. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

This is a fantastic blog if you’re a marketer who’s elbow deep in the social media extravaganza. It has a proven track record of providing social media advice, tips, strategies, and the results of those strategies. The blog posts get down to the specifics for just about every social media platform you can think of, and social media as a whole.  From utilizing images on Pinterest to crafting the perfect Tweet, this blog is a must-read!


  1. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is becoming one of the most predominant types of marketing.  You know how the saying goes…”content is king!” More and more marketing strategies and plans are becoming focused around content marketing and that’s where the CMI blog comes into action.  The authors that create the awesome blog posts on everything content marketing are the best of the best and highly respected within the marketing world. They cover every content topic you could think of from visual content and design to content strategy and distribution.  So, unless you want to be left sitting in the dust of all the other marketers out there, you better check this blog out!


  1. CoSchedule


CoSchedule is a popular blog/social media/marketing services company with a fantastic blog to boot.  CoSchedule offers a WordPress calendar for your blog along with social media marketing management. Their blog is loaded with information and tips on how to help you better your blog, social media marketing, and more.  The majority of their blog posts provide awesome resources that can be downloaded for use that can help implement what is learned from the post.  And they have a huge resource library loaded with even more great stuff on all things marketing.  Definitely worth a read if you’re looking to improve your skills! Oh yeah, and if you love infographics as much as I do, you have to check out their stockpile of infographics!


  1. Moz Blog

Moz Blog is the king of all things SEO.  It is a leading marketing products and services company and by far one of the most popular SEO marketing blogs.  This is one of the main blogs I read on a daily basis.  Moz sends out a great daily newsletter with their top blog articles on all things SEO and also on many other marketing topics.  If you want to get tips and tricks on inbound marketing, SEO, analytics and other online marketing strategies, then you have to check out the Moz Blog!


  1. Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is definitely a reliable resource covering almost every aspect of marketing you can think of.  The quantity of articles is astounding, and the authors that write them are some of the best marketers in the world.  The quality content from these marketers is what keeps me reading on a daily basis.  They have an awesome daily newsletter that highlights their best blog posts of that day, which can be a bit addicting and hard to resist.  With a network of 500K + marketing professionals, this site and their blog will definitely not steer you wrong.


  1. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

This is one of the first blogs I started reading when I first got into the marketing world.  It’s a fantastic resource for marketers of all statures.  So if you’re a newbie like I was, this is a perfect place to start. But if you’re an experienced veteran, well then you’ve probably already heard of this blog and you probably already read it too!  The content is excellent and the company is headed by marketing professionals who really know their stuff.  If you’re looking to better your marketing skills then this one of those blogs you have to read to help keep your marketing strategies running like a well-oiled machine.


I know that not everyone can find the time to read these blogs each day, but if you can visit them as often as possible then you will find yourself improving constantly! There are tons and tons of marketing blogs out there offering up great content on all things marketing, but these are a few of my favorite.  Do you have a favorite marketing blog that you read on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments!

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