Want to Make a Commerical?

Want to Make a Commercial? is what our banking partner, Illinois National Bank asked us a couple months ago, and we said yes! The question was, what do we make a :30 second commercial about that highlights the engineering and new product development that we do, and the great service that Illinois National Bank provides?  The teams got together for a quick brainstorming session and determined to develop a “product” that we could Rapid Prototype (3D Print) in house and have an impact in the commercial, but what should it be?  We initially decided on a Piggy Bank branded with the INB Logo, that we would design encompassing our typical 8 Phase New Product Development Process.  As we entered phase 1, we added some features, including goggles and making it fly! That’s right we decided to make a flying pig, to better solve the problem of “when pigs fly”.

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