Submitted by: Analysis Lead, Nick Jaegle

INTEGRIS’ engineers were presented the task to address failures encountered within an electromagnetic subsystem component serving as the clutch mechanism allowing selective power transmission to the other accessory systems. This subsystem is used in severe duty applications where reliability and predictable service life is crucial to staying profitable. The electromagnetic clutch had been experiencing a failure rate of over 5% on average. Initial attempts to reduce failures consisted of periodic tweaking of design and manufacturing parameters without a sound understanding of the system, resulting in the typical outcome of limited success and wasted dollars. We therefore suggested an Engineering Simulation and upon some rock solid clear and open communication (aka collaboration) with the customer they (the engineers) reviewed available design and field data, or lack thereof, determining that a torque overload condition was occurring stemming from an inadequate pull force produced from within the clutch. To make a long story short, the engineers determined a pull force increase of 15-20% will naturally eliminate these failures.

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