Did You Know When You’re Happy Your Cells Smile?

I am pleased to announce another guest writer for the INTEGRIS blog!  We have so many talented people that work at INTEGRIS from all types of industries.  Today I am excited to say that INTEGRIS’ own in-house Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Shawn Berberich, is our guest writer!  Shawn has an extensive background as a Medical Laboratory Scientist along with her education in Health Systems from Rutgers University.  Shawn is not only the INTEGRIS in-house CLS, but she also does work for other companies.  The following post is a brief discussion of a very interesting find she discovered recently while on the job. Enjoy!

Take a look at this happy guy! This is an image of a neutrophil at 100x power with an oil immersion lens. This cell was spotted at a diagnostic laboratory this week in Peoria, IL. Neutrophils are leukocytes (white blood cells) that circulate in blood to fight infection by killing any microbes that invade our bodies. They are the most abundant white blood cell in the human body and are the first line of defense against infection. A neutrophil is characterized by its multi-lobed nucleus and cytoplasm filled with granules. Inside the granules are enzymes that allow the neutrophil to kill microorganisms. Usually, the lobes of the nucleus are separated by thin lines called filaments. In this image, the filaments are not visible giving the impression that there are three distinct nuclei. More importantly, the unique arrangement of the nuclei resembles a smiley face. As if this cell is saying, “Have a nice day”. Isn’t science cool?

Shawn Berberich MLS(ASCP), MS

White Blood Cells

Photo by:  Julie Bond MLT(ASCP) 10/20/2015

Pretty awesome stuff, right!? This was a great guest post by Shawn! She provided some pretty valuable information…you learn something new every day, right? Now, get out there and brag to your friends about knowing something super-cool and scientific that they (probably) don’t know!  I’ve gotta say….science is pretty cool!

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