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No idea succeeds on its own, a sound path can lead to new achievements.
Skunkworks exist to create innovation at speed, not to be hindered by hierarchy.
We are proud that our client relationships are built upon the pillar of trust.

Our Talents Are Your Talents

Modeling & Simulation
When it comes to the many modeling and simulation technologies, we have you covered. Modeling & simulation is a discipline for developing a level of understanding of the interaction of the parts of a system. INTEGRIS specializes in both aspects providing quality results and resources so you know exactly how your product will perform. We know our stuff so you don’t have to.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
We specialize in all things FEA, from fatigue analysis to system level simulation. We utilize FEA to model your product and/or system in a virtual environment to find and solve potential/existing structural or performance issues. We do this to give you peace of mind that your product can hold its own. Just another way to show you how INTEGRIS is your resource for product development services.

Concept Design & Analysis
The concept design stage of any project is very important setting the agenda and delivering ‘the vision’. We apply technologies to optimize and maximize the performance of our client’s concepts, resulting in the best possible concept design we can provide.  We know concept design has a major impact on final product cost-performance. That’s why we take it seriously. You can take that to the bank.
New Product Development
The INTEGRIS NPD process utilizes proven methods and resources from various industries, ensuring that nothing is forgotten and all of your bases are covered. Most companies recognize the importance of NPD, but they don’t have the processes or experience in place to successfully introduce the product. INTEGRIS is one of the few companies that specialize in NPD and can deliver a product from concept to market-ready.

From product design to website development, INTEGRIS holds the creative power and innovation to make your design a reality. We know our customers expect nothing less than great products. We use different technologies, resources, platforms, and contexts to ensure the perfect design is used. INTEGRIS helps businesses create lasting value with products and services that we know our clients will love.

Electrical Engineering & Software
We pride ourselves on staying on the leading edge of electrical system design practices and technologies. Electrical and control systems are playing an even larger role in the operation and management of mechanical systems. The INTEGRIS electrical engineers have a firm foundation in the mechanics and continually draw on these resources to design and implement the best system possible.
Mobile App Development
For your app to succeed, you need a smart business strategy, a killer UI/UX design, and a talented mobile development team. We have all of those. Your apps need up-to-date content and interactive components to remain engaging and valuable for your end users. INTEGRIS provides experienced software design to ensure you are provided with the look and feel you desire for your app.

Custom Manufacturing
We provide strategic advice and resources to develop best practices and techniques that cover all of the important core areas in manufacturing. We can help meet the challenges that our clients face on a daily basis with quality, delivery, and value for the money. Innovation, up-to-date manufacturing technology and processes, and superior customer service is what sets INTEGRIS apart.

3D Printing
In need of professional 3D printing of your prototype? We have you covered. We utilize 3D printing and to produce high-quality prototypes so you can physically see and feel your product. We use up-to-date technologies to ensure your prototype is of professional quality. Did we mention we offer design services? Yep, we do that too. Consider INTEGRIS your one-stop shop for product development.

INTEGRIS takes a different approach when it comes to marketing. We take the time to learn about your product and what it requires to reach your audience effectively. Our marketing team works directly with our engineers throughout the product development cycle to ensure all attributres are utilized in marketing campaigns. So, what’s stopping you from letting INTEGRIS help your product disrupt the market?

Testing & Validation
You’re probably asking yourself: “Am I building the right product for my business?” That’s where our proven testing & validation process comes into action. Every product possesses certain performance requirements that can’t be overlooked. We test all aspects of performance to validate the answer we know you crave for that question: “yes, I am building the right product for my business. Thanks INTEGRIS”.

Is your medical business in need of professional engineering? The engineers at INTEGRIS have experience in studying, developing, and evaluating biological and medical systems and products. We know our clients are real people who seek real, innovative, and personalized solutions. Providing those solutions is the only approach INTEGRIS knows. You’re not in it alone, INTEGRIS is here to help.

Experience Matters

Experience Matters

With an average experience of 15+ years, our INTEGRISTS understand the complexity of projects. Our employees combine their experience and knowledge to ensure the customer gets what they need when they need it. It’s the INTEGRIS way.

Lasting Relationships

Lasting Relationship

When you partner with INTEGRIS, we don’t want your project to be a one and done for your company. We know our clients don’t operate that way, so we don’t operate that way. INTEGRIS is in it for the long-haul, and we know you are too.

Dream Team

Dream Team

We have no doubts that our awesome team of educated, experienced, and innovative employees can handle whatever project you throw our way. So the question is, what are you waiting for? Throw us the ball and watch what we can do with it.

Don’t Settle. Give your Project the Attention it deserves.

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