5 Marketing Tips to Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile

Growing and maintaining a presence for your business on LinkedIn is no easy feat to overcome, especially when there is no room in the budget to boost and promote your posts and updates.  INTEGRIS has been faced with the challenge of establishing a solid LinkedIn profile to gain followers and grow our presence to help our marketing efforts, and with no budget to do so.  I have definitely had my work cut out for me!  So, I’ve got to start off by saying that this is a slow-moving process, but a possible goal to achieve.  As I mentioned, there is no room in our current marketing budget to spend on any social media advertising, meaning that all of our followers, interactions, page views, etc. have been 100% organic (free).  INTEGRIS has had a LinkedIn Page for well over a year now, but it wasn’t until May of 2015 that I started the implementation of INTEGRIS’ Social Media Marketing Plan.

We haven’t made huge strides just yet with our LinkedIn marketing efforts, but we are well on our way, again it is a slow and steady process.  I’m going to start off by talking a little bit about our improvements over the months that we’ve been implementing marketing strategies to our LinkedIn Page, then I will move on to the methods I’ve been following to make our progress.  Below you will see a chart of INTEGRIS’ LinkedIn Page update impressions (views).



As you can tell, in the last 3-4 months since our Social Media Marketing Strategy has been implemented, our impressions have increased by the thousands.  Not too bad for utilizing free, organic traffic building strategies!  Now, we haven’t gained a huge amount of new followers over the months, and that’s ok.  Like I mentioned, it is a slow process when there is no money being spent on advertising, and I also have other projects to work on besides just focusing on social media.  So, slow and steady is meeting our goals, for now.  Below you will see our LinkedIn Follower trends over the last year.



Although this has been a slow increase, the INTEGRIS LinkedIn Page has gained 65 new followers in the 6 weeks since July 2015, greatly trumping the 38 new followers gained in the 11 months from September of 2014 up to July 2015.  That’s about an average of 10 new followers per week compared to 3-4 new followers per month.  That’s what we like to call improvement and progress toward our goals! Not too bad right? So, now I will dive into a little detail on the methods I have been following during this whole lengthy process.

When I first created the INTEGRIS Social Media Marketing Plan, I had to start from scratch.  There was no company plan in place, and to be quite honest, there wasn’t really any social media activity going on at all.  INTEGRIS had profiles set up on social media channels, but they were pushed to the side and left to die in the depths of the social media death pit.  So, starting from the beginning stages of building these social media channels was the first goal to achieve. This required research, and a LOT of it!

Establishing a Presence

That research led to this first step, and all the steps, actually.  People tune out irrelevant or promotional messages to focus on the useful, engaging content they find.  Companies that inform and engage aren’t just selling, they’re building relationships with fellow social networkers.  LinkedIn has helped INTEGRIS build a follower base and relationships with a HUGE professional community.  So, the INTEGRIS LinkedIn Page was there, but it was lacking the activity needed to be beneficial for the company.  Ensuring that our Company Page was going to grow was going to take some work.  Editing the page to be SEO friendly and to showcase our mission, brand, and capabilities established our presence, getting our foot in LinkedIn’s front door.

Start Attracting Followers

This was done with a few different strategies and activities.  Engaging colleagues and company employees is one sure-fire method to gaining more followers.  If your company employees are engaged with your company content being shared, the more people will see that content leading to more new followers.  Announcing the INTEGRIS Company Page to our current customers also helped build our network.  A third strategy we have followed is to add a “Follow” button in multiple locations on our website, allowing our website visitors to view our LinkedIn Page with just a simple click.

Engaging Your Followers

This has been done by posting continuous, relevant, and informative company updates and content to the INTEGRIS page.  Now this can mean a lot of things as far as content goes.  Although a main goal of social media is to gain more business, it’s important to remember that you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with too much self-serving promotions or sales gimmicks.  Remember that social media death pit I mentioned? Those types of updates are a huge turn-off and will lead you straight into that pit, and you do not want to be in there!  From all of the research I have done on strategies I have found that to make an effective update you must follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Be helpful and friendly, don’t be pushy with sales.
  2. Timing of posts helps with the number of impressions/views.
  3. Regular posting is crucial, at least once a day, but make sure the content is relevant!
  4. If you link to content, make sure it is great content!
  5. Tailor your content to your specific audience.

These five guidelines will definitely keep your followers engaged and yearning for more of your content!

Amplify Your Content

Take your content and amplify it through the LinkedIn network.  When a post or update is made to your Company Page, your followers can like, share, or comment on those updates, which in turn amplifies it to reach their connections too.  These amplifications act as an endorsement for the company’s content and brand, and has had a positive impact for INTEGRIS’ efforts.  According to a LinkedIn study, a study of thousands of Company Updates found that amplification was a primary driver of over one-third of all impressions*.  There are tons of ways to help your content go viral, and utilizing them to your specific content will definitely benefit your efforts!

* LinkedIn study of all Company Updates with at least 1,000 impressions posted June 1-15, 2012.

Analyze Your Page Performance

This is an important one!  Success of marketing campaigns of any kind require efficient performance measuring and then using that data to optimize future content.  Fortunately for all of us LinkedIn users, the site provides analytics tools that can help measure engagement, amplification, followers, and much more to help us out along our journey!

Wow, so that was a lot of info, I know.  But, it should’ve been a good insight on how to leverage LinkedIn to grow your company’s brand.  At least I hope it was!  Just remember, establishing LinkedIn page growth success is probably not going to happen overnight (unless you’re a social media superstar), and patience and continuity are vital.  Make sure to establish your goals and track your progress along the way and you’ll find yourself establishing a solid Company Page and building your brand in just a few short months!

More to come very soon! Thanks for reading everyone!

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