INTEGRIS Marketing Working For You

By now, our blog readers have figured out that INTEGRIS Group is an Illinois based, engineer owned, product engineering company.  We make a difference by helping our clients develop game-changing products.  We have created new companies and, partnered with startups and existing companies to help commercialize new products and new technologies.  We have actually done some really, really cool stuff in the tech, medical, manufacturing, and electrical engineering fields! We have a very talented team that covers a large spectrum of industries and talents.

One talent INTEGRIS prides itself on is our ability to not only engineer new products but also help them make an impact when they go to market.  This is where the INTEGRIS Marketing Team comes into action.  I am a proud member of that team, and we love seeing our customers make an impact in the market with their products.  It’s what gets us up in the morning, it’s what pumps the blood through our veins, and it’s what we live for! As you can tell, we are pretty caught up in what we do here at INTEGRIS.

So now you’re probably wondering, “How does INTEGRIS help market their clients’ products?” which is an excellent question, and I’m going to provide a little insight on how we do that.  We work hand-in-hand with our engineers throughout the progress of the Product Development.  We do this because it ensures that both the engineering and design/marketing attributes are utilized in our marketing campaigns.  This process gives our clients the highest probability of success when the product hits the market.

At INTEGRIS, we are deeply engaged in the New Product Development Process, where we take concepts, ideas, strategies, etc. and put them through a rigorous 7 Stage Development Process.  Again, the Marketing Team and our Engineers work hand-in-hand throughout this process.  Our 7 Stage Development Process includes Market Research, Analysis, Concepting, Best Practices, Manufacturability, Marketing Plans & Strategies, and Product Launch.  After the Product Launch stage, we initiate the customer feedback loop to gather the appropriate data to continue pushing the product in the right direction when it is in the market.


Pretty impressive, right? We think so, too! Our marketing strengths run deep into the Market Research & Analysis and the Marketing Plans & Strategies.  We take an in-depth look at what market(s) the product at-hand needs to emerge in, and what to do to make a breakthrough appearance.  Our first step is the Research & Analysis providing information on past, present, and future market trends and expectations providing the base of the Marketing Plan & Strategies.

INTEGRIS’ Marketing Plan & Strategies services also offer an in-depth description of what the best possible methods are to take a product to market, and make it succeed in that market.  We can provide that through leveraging multiple types of marketing techniques and strategies.  Those techniques and strategies include (but are not limited to):

  • Content Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics; providing in-depth analysis of the product standpoint within each marketing channel and how to leverage those channels.

Talk about a full-service operation! So now that I’ve flooded all of you with a cornucopia of content and information, your next question should be: “How do I get INTEGRIS involved with my business?”  Luckily, there is a very easy answer to that question! We have several ways of getting in touch with us!

You’ve made it to our Blog, so hop on over to our Contact Page on our website to shoot us a message with any questions, thoughts, concerns, or inquiries! You can also get our address, phone number, and fax number all right there on the Contact Page.

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