Twitter Marketing & the Truth About Beating the Odds

Over the last week or so, I have put out a few blog posts regarding INTEGRIS’ social media marketing challenges and several helpful tips that we are using to overcome those challenges.  So far, I’ve covered our LinkedIn Page and our Facebook Page.  Now, it’s time for our Twitter Page, which is our most successful page so far.  There are multiple aspects I focus on when I say our most successful page including the number of followers, tweet impressions, tweets linking to INTEGRIS, and a few others.  I’ve got to say, for having no budget for ads, almost zero followers, and very little of INTEGRIS content to start with, our Twitter Page has kicked some butt in development!

I’ll start off with a little background information on Twitter, in case there are some of you out there who may have heard of it, but don’t know much about it.  Twitter was founded in 2006, and designed to present real-time information and updates to users.  These updates and info range from sports, news, politics, and just about any other content you can imagine.  It has millions of users, and up to 500 million tweets are sent per day!  Individuals, companies, and brands are utilizing the Twitter network to promote their messages, content, promotional offerings, and to also quickly address the needs of consumers.  All in all, it’s a very effective social network!

I’m going to start from the beginning, May of 2015.  This is when the rollout of the INTEGRIS Social Media Marketing Plan began.  Here’s a quick overview of the analytics from May:



Pretty sad, right?  Definitely.  But, those analytics come from a Twitter Page that had very little activity, as you can see.  So based on these numbers, I decided on three main focus points to start with: grow our follower base, increase tweet impressions, and up the amount of tweets pushed out by us.  Increases in these three focus points would get us headed in the right direction.  But, how was I going to make it happen? It’s easy to say you’re going to increase your numbers, but actually putting it in to practice is the challenging part.  So, like with our other social media pages, I had to do my research!  I needed to research some effective strategies on how I could build these numbers up, and do it for free.

Just like any other social media network, there are tons and tons of tricks of the trade available in the content world.  So, how do you choose the right ones?  Well that all depends on your company, brand, and the message you’re trying to get across.  For INTEGRIS, just about any of the free methods were the way to go.  Remember, we started with nothing, so I needed to do whatever I could to get the ball rolling!  Once the Social Media Marketing Plan was implemented, results happened and happened quickly! Below is a view of our analytics from just 12 weeks of growing our Twitter marketing strategy.



Not too bad, right!?  With just barely over 200 tweets in the month of August (compared to 4 tweets in May), we gained 25,450 tweet impressions and gained 1,000+ new followers! This is exceptional, especially for just a little time spent each day working on the INTEGRIS Twitter Page!  It’s not something that is extremely easy, but with some work and dedication put into the effort, results will happen! So, as of today (9.15.15) below is our 28 day summary from Twitter Analytics.



Notice how all of those arrows are pointing up?  That’s a little thing I like to call: progress!  Now, just like our Facebook and LinkedIn Page, we’re not breaking any records or anything, but we sure are moving right up the ladder!  And besides, INTEGRIS’ goal was never to get out and be the most followed, most liked, and most popular (although it would be really awesome if we were) brand on social media, so I’d say we are doing pretty good for a small business that has no social media marketing budget!  Now, after I’ve probably bored you to near death, you probably want the strategies we’ve followed, right? Right!  It’s nothing complex, I promise, and your success depends all on the specific goals you have for yourself, your company, and your brand.  So here are some of the simple, traditional strategies:

  1. Branding: declaring your brand on Twitter is crucial.  You only have 140 words for each post, so every one of those words matters.  Consistency is your brand voice is critical.  Customers and prospects want to know what and who to expect in their interactions with your brand.  Establishing your brand and maintaining that positive voice will eventually build trust and confidence in your audience.
  2. Be Interesting: well, at least as interesting as you can be.  In some industries, topics can only reach a certain level of exciting.  However, it is possible to “spice up” a boring topic, article, or blog post.  Remember, not everyone will find your content interesting, but you should definnitely strive to be interesting to your target audience.
  3. Add value: do this as much as you can.  What I mean by adding value is to provide something that your readers and target audience can take away from your tweets.  You want to establish a consistent presence (goes hand in hand with tip #1) but avoid being a chatty, noisy nuisance.  Simply put, don’t tweet just to hear yourself speak.  An excellent rule of thumb is to ask yourself why you would want to read a tweet if you were a follower of your brand.
  4. Be responsive: it’s important to communicate with your audience.  Because of the fast-paced style of Twitter, it’s important to try and respond as fast as you can.  This is especially important when it comes to responding to customer service requests and the like.  If a critical customer service tweet is ignored for too long, that can have brutal consequences on your brand’s reputation.  Also, remember to be responsive to positive tweets about your brand.
  5. Measurement: as with any social media channel, it’s important to measure your progress.  Analytics are critical for social media marketing campaigns and lucky for us, Twitter provides plenty of useful data.  Make sure to thoroughly analyze this data to really take advantage of the opportunities available through Twitter and to measure your successes.

So, there you have it.  Those are the 5 main tips I have followed for INTEGRIS’ Twitter marketing efforts.  It seems all too simple, and some of it is, but practicing these tips with repitition and proper etiquette is vital for success.  There are plenty of etiquette tips out there too that you can use to further expand your Twitter horizons.  So what are you waiting for!? Get out there and start tweeting now!  If you’re new to the game, start here. You’re company will thank you for it, hopefully.  Thanks for reading everyone!

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