We recently worked with Peoria, IL based SIMnext to engineer and develop the industry’s first dynamic ultrasound training solution: DR Doppler. DR Doppler provides clinicians and students with a variety of simulations of pathological blood flow that they might not be able to see in clinical practice, enabling them to stay current on their skills.

INTEGRIS has been involved from the early stages providing guidance from the initial prototype phase through product launch this week. The DR Doppler system required about 18 months of rigorous testing and multiple iterations of design to bring to market, through these iterations the INTEGRIS engineering team worked closely with the engineers of SIMnext to deliver an affordable, portable, dynamic ultrasound training device, like nothing else on the market.

Paul Pribaz, the Executive Director of SIMnext states; “The launch of this system completely changes the way clinicians develop their skill set and diagnostic abilities using ultrasound, offering them a more realistic training environment than ever before.” We contributed to this project by utilizing their Mechanical, Electrical and Software development teams to create a holistic and integrated team to execute on this challenge.

DR Doppler Ultrasound Training System

DR Doppler Ultrasound Training System

In creating a complex, multi-component system, including an educational, the teams overcame challenges to generate intellectual property, including a fluid that mimics the properties of human blood and utilizing 3D printing technology to test and validate concepts prior to system integration.

“Working with the SIMnext team is a great experience, we get to help engineer a product that will improve patient outcomes, by utilizing our rigorous product development process that continuously produces results that exceed expectations,” Andy Berberich, Principal of INTEGRIS Group.

INTEGRIS was honored to be in attendance at the DR Doppler Launch held at Matter Chicago on Tuesday and is proud to be an engineering and manufacturing partner to SIMnext.

For More Information on SIMnext please visit: www.simnext.com

A link to the SIMnext Press Release on DR Doppler can be found by clicking here.