INTEGRIS Engineering Explores New SOLIDWORKS Offerings

Advancing technology and skills among staff is a priority for INTEGRIS; three Integrist’s attended the “Engineer 3D! SOLIDWORKS Training and Technology conference held in Milwaukee on April 14-15th.   The conference was hosted by Graphics Systems Corp., a provider of Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS solutions, consulting, support, and training. The conference drew engineering staff from a wide variety of SOLIDWORKS users from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.

Chris Stuper, Product Designer, shared some comments following the event.   “I was really excited to attend the conference also to hear the various speakers: Gian Paolo Bassi (SOLIDWORKS), Erik Buell (EBR), Eric Haugaard (Cree Lighting), Ben Paprocki (bb7) and Jim Kerlin (Beyond Vision) all provided insight into how SOLIDWORKS can and is being used from design iterations that feed into 3D printed prototypes to ultra-efficient lighting simulations.   Beyond Vision is using 3D printed fixtures and gauges to allow the blind to work manufacturing jobs. They also use 3D printing to allow the blind to experience things like a butterfly with their hands for the first time.” The butterfly prototype drew a lot of attendees to tactically experience the delicate structure and workings of butterfly wings firsthand. It was a great application of the technology.

Diann Koski, Business Development, found the immersion in SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing to be really enlightening, “The 3D printing process sessions and demonstrations were fascinating.   From tabletop printers to free-standing floor units, 3D printer vendors had the latest and greatest on display and in action.” Lego rings were a popular “take a free 3D printed item” at one table.   “Seeing demos of SOLIDWORKS SimExpress and the 3DExperience were great sessions too. The subtleties of system utilization for things like SimExpress gave me much better appreciation for the work of our clients. ” shared Diann.

Sessions offered a variety of topics from hands-on test drives of new software as well as both previews and reviews of the latest software enhancements. Sam Haworth, Structural Engineer enjoyed several hands-on sessions. Sam also noted “The Ghost in the Machine: Advanced Tips and Tricks was a pretty cool session. The presenter seemed very knowledgeable and showed some techniques with for using delete face and adding feature comments. He showed an example of converting analytical geometry to a b-spline in order to allow a fillet feature to solve correctly; very clever.”   “Using Surfaces to Fix your Solids” gave Chris some very helpful understanding of the various ways that surfacing can be used, especially in regards to imported files.

On a lighter note….an Integrist game of darts during the social hour at the conference was hotly contested, at least between Sam and Chris.   While it was a close contest, Chris ultimately prevailed. A rematch is pending for a future date!