Engineering Division

Engineering is not a degree or a profession, it’s a gift. If you are an engineer or know an engineer, then you know that engineers are unique. If you ask an engineer what they want to do, the typical answer is to solve problems. They want to use their skills to solve problems and leave a legacy and make the world a better place. Some may call this altruism, but at INTEGRIS we call this engineering. To truly understand this drive, it takes engineers to truly understand engineers. INTEGRIS is engineer owned and emphasizes great engineering support and new product development. The engineering tools don’t make engineers just like a paint brush doesn't make a painter. Our emphasis is on engineering rigor and methodologies and we maintain a fully stocked toolbox in order to ensure that we meet the needs of our external and internal customers. Here is a short, but ever growing, list of some of our engineering skills.

Areas of Expertise

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis goes beyond piloting FEA software. Structural analysis is knowing when hand calculations will suffice and when high end analysis tools are required. At INTEGRIS, we have the ability to analyze simple and complex structures from beginning to end. Our software, hardware, and engineers are world class and can support all aspects of structural design and analysis.

  • MSC-Nastran/Patran
  • SolidWorks Simulation
  • Abaqus
  • Pro/Mechanica

Multi-body Dynamics

When it comes to simulating complex mechanisms for determining velocities, loads, and overall system interactions, the method of choice is Multi-body Dynamics. When a system is too complex, expensive, big, or in the concept phase of new product development, MBD is employed in order to simulate system performance and determine inputs for structural analysis. Utilization of MBD is no longer limited to F1 teams, NASA, or the big automotive OEMs. It is now available to everyone and INTEGRIS has some of the industry leaders at our finger tips.

  • MSC Suite (ADAMS)
  • LMS Virtual.Lab Motion

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Fluid dynamics can be critical in verifying or improving the functionality of nearly any engineering design. All too often, details are overlooked in the design process until they become a problem in the field. At INTEGRIS, our engineering staff can apply our CFD knowledge before, during, and after your design process to ensure success. INTEGRIS has the experience and ability to respond quickly to your CFD needs while applying the appropriate tools and ensuring the necessary details are identified and given thorough attention.

  • Fluent
  • SolidWorks Flow
  • MSC XFlow
  • CFDesign

Electrical Design Control Systems Architecture/Routing

Electrical and control systems are playing an even larger role in the operation and management of mechanical systems. Understanding the electrical system will only accomplish half of the requirements. All of the INTEGRIS’ electrical engineers have a firm foundation in the mechanics and continually draw on this knowledge in order to design and implement the best system possible.

  • RSLogix
  • SolidWorks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • PTC Suite
  • LabVIEW

Mechanical Design Control Systems Architecture/Routing

The backbone of the engineering industry is Mechanical Engineering. However, INTEGRIS recognizes that diversity is key to the success of any mechanical system, which is why we pursue and employ aerospace, agricultural, general engineers along with many other disciplines. Our diversity in education and industry backgrounds allows INTEGRIS to draw from a large pool of engineers in order to provide the best possible support.

  • SolidWorks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • PTC Suite

Cooling System Design, Simulation, Selection, Oversight

The cooling system is one of the most important, but the least considered machine system. Most OEMs rely on cooling component suppliers in order to design their cooling systems. Unfortunately, ,most component suppliers don’t fully understand cooling systems. INTEGRIS is able to size, procure, and oversee the validation of cooling components. We have the experience and ability to become client cooling system experts and optimize the cooling systems and packages. Paring this withour other capabilities and INTEGRIS becomes the one stop shop for your cooling system needs.

  • DVP&R
  • PPAP

New Product Development from Concept to Market

Either New Product Development is your differentiating factor or it is price. Most companies recognize the importance of NPD, but they don’t have the processes or experience in place in order to successfully introduce the product. INTEGRIS is one of the few companies that specialize in NPD and can deliver a product from beginning to end. Unless these other companies perform true virtual validation, then there is a gap in their self-proclaimed NPD process.

  • APQP
  • Sensitivity-Based Design

Program/Project Oversight

One of the most attractive attributes of engineers is their ability to oversee tasks and ensure their success. This is why so many companies hire engineers and place them in non-engineering roles. There are very few disciplines that teach thought process and rigor as fundamentals. INTEGRIS brings this engineering rigor to everything that we do. Our engineers are not support staff, they are industry professionals and are versed in leading teams and providing senior level oversight.

  • 6-Sigma
  • MS Project

Hydraulic System Design

To stay competitive in today's market, companies increasingly need to focus on seamless control and reliability in their hydraulic systems. Designing the best hydraulic system is much more than stringing hoses between valves and actuators. A great system requires intricate tuning and validation of every component while predicting how they all interact with each other. INTEGRIS offers expertise in this area to solve isolated component issues all the way through full system design services.

  • Hydraw
  • Automation Studio
  • Easy-5
  • PTC-MathCAD
  • Matlab/Simulink