5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Facebook Marketing

The social media giant that is Facebook provides excellent marketing opportunities for companies big and small if those opportunities are leveraged correctly.  Many people think that simply posting to Facebook will provide tons of page likes, new followers, comments, likes, and so on.  If only it was that easy…and believe me I really wish it was that easy!  However, we don’t live in a world where everything comes that easy and with little effort, so that leaves us with no choice but to work hard and make things happen!  INTEGRIS has come a long way with our Facebook Page growth and our strategies upon achieving the success that we have.  Now let me clarify, we haven’t been breaking any records or anything, but we have made quite a bit of progress in just the last few months.



In the graph above, you will see the growth in INTEGRIS’ Facebook Page likes from May of 2015 to September 2015.  In May 2015, I kicked off the implementation of the INTEGRIS Social Media Marketing Plan I created, and we began with just 40 Facebook Page likes.  I was actually really impressed that we had 40 likes due to the fact there was hardly any activity on the page before the social media marketing plan had started.  As of the beginning of September 2015, INTEGRIS now has 126 Facebook Page likes, which is quite a jump compared to the average inflow of new likes before May 2015.  126 page likes doesn’t seem like a lot at all, considering some pages and companies have hundreds and even thousands (big brands in the millions).  Facebook doesn’t make it easy to obtain organic (free) page likes.



The graph above depicts INTEGRIS’ Facebook Page total post reach from May 2015 to September 2015.  As you can tell, there are huge spikes in how many people viewed our content!  This just goes to show that content is king!  After seeing those huge spikes, you’re probably wondering “well why don’t you just post that kind of content every single time?”  Easier said than done my friends.  That’s all part of the organic traffic game.  Since we aren’t paying any money to get our posts boosted right to the top of viewers news feeds, different pieces of content will provide different results.  But that’s ok, we are still making progress and that’s what counts.  It’s a slow and steady process.

It’s tough to get posts to reach large numbers of views, especially if you’re not paying Facebook to boost your ads.  They have this silly algorithm that makes it quite difficult for small businesses (like INTEGRIS) to gain new followers and page likes without paying for post boosts and ads.  Well played, Facebook, well played.  I know that this is a very effective business strategy for them (they’re not in business to NOT make money), but it sure does make it hard on the little guys with very little to no social media marketing budgets, that’s for sure.  But, that just means that we have to work harder, be creative and put the time and effort into the marketing for it to pay off.

With the massive amount of content available in today’s digital world, it’s really pretty easy to find a wealth of info on tips and strategies to use when marketing on Facebook.  It took immense amounts of research and reading to figure out which strategies were best suited for INTEGRIS….free strategies! But in all seriousness, there are tons of free strategies and methods to use, but just because they are free doesn’t mean they are a right fit.  So after weeding through all the different options, I chose some basic strategies that were the right fit for INTEGRIS.

  1. Creating beneficial content. This strategy is applied just about everywhere marketing is involved, and for good reason…because it’s important! With Facebook’s News Feed algorithm making it pretty tough to get your word out, the right content is more important than ever.
  2. Timing of posts. This ties right in with the content.  When and how that content is posted can make huge differences in your marketing efforts.  It’s important to track when your fans or followers are most active and most likely to see your content.
  3. Engagement with followers. Posting engaging content is a crucial part of any type of marketing success.  Engagement can also relate to how you interact with followers and how they interact with the content posted.  Inappropriate or irrelevant content will surely push your audience away, and therefore is very important to avoid this type of content.
  4. It is important to build and maintain a community that the audience wants to be a part of.  Focusing upon the audience’s experience rather than click through rates (CTR), sales, backlinks, etc. is important for follower and customer retention.  This directly relates to engagement with the audience.
  5. User flow is another important strategy to focus on. When visitors come to your social media page and ultimately your website, directing them where to go is crucial.  Whether they are visiting your sites for support, help, or sales and purchasing, having easily navigable sites and pages will make the customer experience that much better.

All of these tactics help establish credibility for a company profile page or website.  A big part of a brand is built on trust, and credibility is a strong foundation of that trust.  It is important to ensure that your audience does not think of your brand in any other way than credible and awesome.  These 5 tactics are only a few of the many, many strategies out there for Facebook.  Crafting your strategies around your business and brand will give you the most success.  So, what I’ve learned during this challenge is to do the research, analyze, and choose/tailor strategies that will specifically work the best for your company or brand.  If you’re a newbie, then I really hope this gave you a little starter info to help you get the ball rolling, and if you’re a seasoned social media pro, then sorry for wasting your time! Thanks for reading everyone!

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