Case Studies

INTEGRIS Group Case Studies

The Case Studies below show that INTEGRIS has a long list of resources and capabilities, featuring a variety of industries.  We take pride in our work no matter what project we face and we like to share the successes of not only INTEGRIS but also the successes of our clients.  Below you will find Case Studies that will provide some insight into what exactly we do here at INTEGRIS and how we apply our list of talents to our client projects in order for them to succeed.  With INTEGRIS, ‘You’re Not In It Alone’.

DR Doppler, a Case Study in New Product Development

INTEGRIS & SIMnext worked together to bring the worlds first dynamic ultrasound training platform, DR Doppler to market.  The project encompassed concepting, prototyping, 3D Printing, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, App Development, Chemical Engineering and much more in order to get it to market, this is one case study you want to check out!  Click here to download the full case study PDF.

DR Doppler System


Over vs Under Simulation in your next project

When asked to simulate a condition or a problem, a lot needs to go in to those calculations and monitor the outputs accordingly, so that there can be a direct correlation to real life results.  In this quick read our Engineer, Nick shares the pro’s and con’s of over vs under simulating your next project.  Click here to download the full case study PDF.



Adjustable Racking:  A Weight Saving Simulation

Over the road truck trailers possess the need for lightweight, robust, and durable equipment and racking systems.
Take a look inside how INTEGRIS engineers conquered the issue at hand for our client.  Click here to download the full case study PDF.
trailer case studies

Adjustable Racking on Trailer


INTEGRIS 3D Printing – How Rapid Prototyping Saved Time & Money

3D printing can be used to produce prototypes to market-ready products. In this case our client needed a functional prototype to test clearances before entering in to production on a new tool design, we suggested 3D printing as we could design/model the part, then print it within hours rather than weeks for a typical prototype. Here’s a look into how INTEGRIS used our 3D
printing capabilities to help reduce costs for a client.  Click here to download the eBook.
3D Printing

3D Printing Helps Cut Costs


The Case for Market Research: The Path to Sales

When bringing a product to market or trying to gain market share in an existing market, it always pay to have as much information as possible about that market.  Information in today’s ever crowded markets can be a huge advantage over your competition and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Here’s a detailed description on how INTEGRIS implemented market research to pave the way for higher sales for our client.
Click here to download the full case study PDF.

The Path to Sales


The Value of Simulation

When attempting to improve a product for a reduction in failure rate or increasing performance, one has 2 options; build multiple test subjects, test, then rinse and repeat or turn to a simulation based approach.  Both methods have merit, but typically cost and time are large factors in picking a path of execution.  In this case study one of our engineers utilized the simulation path to reduce failure rates
and increase performance in an Electromagnetic Clutch.  Click here to download the full case study PDF.
Electromagnetic Clutch Performance Improvement

Electromagnetic Clutch Performance Improvement