Our Capabilities are Your Capabilities. Let’s Grow Together

INTEGRIS Group has a talented team with years of experience and knowledge in industries across the board.  INTEGRIS is built on those capabilities, and we are here to share the wealth. Take a look at all INTEGRIS has to offer and you’ll soon see why INTEGRIS is your trusted partner.  Our talents are your talents.


engineering capabilities


With years of experience, INTEGRIS engineers get your project done right and on budget.  Click here to see our complete Capabilities.

design capabilities


Design plays an integral part in the engineering progress ensuring your project is flawless.  Click here for the full Design Capabilities Statement.

testing capabilities


INTEGRIS provides Quality, Mechanical, and Durability testing with the proper tools to reduce failures.  Click here for the full Testing Capabilities Statement.


project management capabilities

Project Management

INTEGRIS has the ability to handle projects from conception to end-product. With certified Project Managers on staff, you’ll know it’s done right.  Click here for the full PMO Capabilities Statement.

aerospace capabilities


We take pride in enabling cross-functional teams to develop results that are not only successful but leave a lasting impact on those who utilize them.  Click here for the full Aero Capabilities Statement.

analysis capabilities


INTEGRIS takes a fundamental approach to enable companies to achieve their goals by providing reliable, concise analysis.  Click here for the full Analysis Capabilities Statement.


Electrical Engineering & Software

Sometimes a project requires automation, custom code, or a custom app, that’s where our Electrical Engineering & Software team comes in.

Click here for the full Electrical Engineering & Software Capabilities Statement.

3D Printed Pig

Custom Manufacturing & Prototyping

The INTEGRIS Custom shop exists to take our one off engineering designs and build them to test, we also do custom builds, integration’s, low volume manufacturing and more utilizing a variety of materials and processes.

Click here for Custom Shop & Prototyping Capabilities

INTEGRIS is ready to help you get your project done.

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You want your product to succeed, we want to help you achieve that vision.  You take product development seriously, and so do we.