3D Printing: The High-Tech Industry at a Glance

It’s well known that 3D printing is growing, and growing fast!  The technology’s capabilities are ever-changing and are continuing to advance every day.  With new and different types of plastics, metals and even glass being introduced into the 3D printing world, the technology is sure to continue to rise in popularity.  It’s growing so fast that there are even 3d printed jet engines that are fully functional! Only time will tell just exactly where the evolving technology will take the industry, but we here at INTEGRIS sure are excited and anxious to see where it goes!  Just imagine how much more accessible even simple household products could be in the future.  The possibilities are endless!  So, take a look at the infographic for a quick glance at what the future of 3D printing is estimated to look like, and keep your eye out for all of the awesome 3D printed things to come!

Did you know that INTEGRIS Group has 3D printing capabilities? Well, you do now!  We have skilled engineers working on all aspects of the 3D printing process to ensure our clients get top notch quality and service! Go ahead and contact us to receive more info on our 3D printing capabilities!


3D Printing Industry at a Glance (Click Image to Enlarge)

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