3D Printing a Custom Logoed Tap Handle

Around here we let our team utilize our tools to create a variety of cool items both in and out of the office. One of our INTEGRISTS, Mike wanted to create a Custom Tap Handle for the Chief’s setup. Mike is also in charge of 3d printing at INTEGRIS and believed this would be an interesting project to share with the team. Not knowing where to start, he turned searching Google to see if/how this had been done before he had a good idea on what to expect. Armed with some tips & tricks that he found out there he fired up SOLIDWORKS and began to make a model, complete with the correct threads needed to get the handle attached to the Lever on the Beer Faucet.

Mike could have just stopped at making a custom designed tap handle, but decided to take it a step further and incorporate the INTEGRIS Logo in to the design, making it a truly one of a kind 3d printed Tap Handle.


Custom Logo Tap Handle visual in SolidWorks


Mike took advantage of the SOLIDWORKS AutoSketch feature to add the INTEGRIS logo in to the finished design. He first uploaded the INTEGRIS Logo in jpeg form and then let the software work its magic on the final conversion. After finalizing all the dimensions and design he then put the file on the sd card and headed to the Makerbot to get the print going. Mike evaluated the best way to print a Tap Handle was in 3 shells, utilizing 10% Fill, the 3d printing took about 10.5 hours to print and the result was worth the wait!  In the design process he thought ahead by modeling in a Hex for a 3/8″ nut, at completion all that was left was to epoxy in the 3/8″ nut.


3d Printed Tap Handle


Not being one to be happy with just 3d printing a tap handle, Mike is also an avid auto painter, so he decided to add some color to his latest design, filling in the correct colors gave the Tap Handle depth and the finished product was nothing less than satisfactory. When he showed the Logo-ed Tap Handle to the Chief he was all smiles.


3d Printed Custom Logo Tap Handle Finished Product

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