The Case for Market Research: The Path to Sales

How INTEGRIS Used Market Research to Drive Sales

Executive Summary

INTEGRIS Group is primarily known for our engineering knowledge, however, we have a talented marketing team that works in conjunction with engineering to provide market research. We were approached to investigate a further push into an existing market and since we understood the engineering behind the product it made sense to keep this project at INTEGRIS.  Our goal was to determine if there was a significant need for new or replacement grain transfer equipment throughout the Midwest.  They had been dabbling the industry for about the past decade, but have not made great strides in acquiring market share and while they have learned from mistakes, they wanted to ensure the effort was proving to be fruitful both now and in the future.  INTEGRIS agreed and we put together a market research portfolio analyzing both existing and future needs while being ever mindful of how to capture these markets as we learned about their potential needs.

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INTEGRIS helps Launch Ultrasound Trainer: DR Doppler with SIMnext

We recently worked with Peoria, IL based SIMnext to engineer and develop the industry’s first dynamic ultrasound training solution: DR Doppler. DR Doppler provides clinicians and students with a variety of simulations of pathological blood flow that they might not be able to see in clinical practice, enabling them to stay current on their skills.

INTEGRIS has been involved from the early stages providing guidance from the initial prototype phase through product launch this week. The DR Doppler system required about 18 months of rigorous testing and multiple iterations of design to bring to market, through these iterations the INTEGRIS engineering team worked closely with the engineers of SIMnext to deliver an affordable, portable, dynamic ultrasound training device, like nothing else on the market.

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You Need to Know How Valuable Engineering Simulation Is

Submitted by: Analysis Lead, Nick Jaegle

INTEGRIS’ engineers were presented the task to address failures encountered within an electromagnetic subsystem component serving as the clutch mechanism allowing selective power transmission to the other accessory systems. This subsystem is used in severe duty applications where reliability and predictable service life is crucial to staying profitable. The electromagnetic clutch had been experiencing a failure rate of over 5% on average. Initial attempts to reduce failures consisted of periodic tweaking of design and manufacturing parameters without a sound understanding of the system, resulting in the typical outcome of limited success and wasted dollars. We therefore suggested an Engineering Simulation and upon some rock solid clear and open communication (aka collaboration) with the customer they (the engineers) reviewed available design and field data, or lack thereof, determining that a torque overload condition was occurring stemming from an inadequate pull force produced from within the clutch. To make a long story short, the engineers determined a pull force increase of 15-20% will naturally eliminate these failures.

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