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Engineering solutions for the World’s problems, one at a time.

Product Development

Proven process to take your idea from concept to completion.


No two products are exactly alike. INTEGRIS knows each product requires a specific approach to manufacturing.

Software Development

The intelligence behind the hardware.  Software solutions that connect the world.


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Our Approach

We take a professional approach to understand how your new product will revolutionize the industry you’re in.  We strive to form a lasting relationship that will span generations, not just from project to project.



The Key to Your Development

Our team is made up of multiple disciplines with decades of various industry experience.  We take pride in enabling cross-functional teams in order to develop products that are not only successful but leave a lasting impact on those who utilize them.




INTEGRIS takes a fundamental approach to enable companies to achieve their goals by providing more than just engineering. We see your product through, from idea creation to the final market-ready product.

All That INTEGRIS is, Would be Nothing Without our Clients

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Multiple Softwares, Multiple Platforms. We can help to solve your most complex problems.

No idea succeeds on its own, a sound path can lead to new achievements.
Skunkworks exists to create innovation at speed, not to be hindered by hierarchy.
We are proud that our client relationships are built upon the pillar of trust.


Are you Ready to Set your Market on Fire?

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You want your product to succeed, we want to help you achieve your vision.  We take product development seriously and are willing to take the time to listen.